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Prathnadi, Thanat (author)
The migration of ideas implies the movement of ideas, thoughts, philosophy, knowledge, or other non-physical conditions from one space and/<br/>or time to another, where they are activated and manifested. As a result, this may purposefully or accidentally effect other existing conditions in a different setting, thereby giving birth to new ideas...
master thesis 2021
Zahmatkesh, M. (author), van Lier, J.B. (author), Spanjers, H. (author)
This paper presents the results of fungal treatment of a real industrial wastewater (WW), providing insight into the main mechanisms involved and clarifying some ambiguities and uncertainties in the previous reports. In this regard, the mycoremediation potentials of four strains of white rot fungi (WRF): Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Trametes...
journal article 2017