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Chatterjee, Subham (author), Das, Supriyo Kumar (author), Behera, Pravat Kumar (author), Ghosh, D. (author), Chakraborty, Arindam (author), Patel, Priyank Pravin (author), Ikehara, Minoru (author)
Variation in leaf colour (green, red and grey) of mosses and lake benthic mats in Antarctica is often linked to water stress and ultraviolet light (UV-B) exposure. Changes in the abundance of organic compounds, such as pectin and phenols, are associated with mechanisms protecting against desiccation and UV radiation. However, the function of...
journal article 2023
Sławek, A. (author), Roztocki, Kornel (author), Majda, Dorota (author), Jaskaniec, Sonia (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author), Makowski, Wacław (author)
Due to its exceptional chemical and thermal stability, ZIF-8 is one of the most promising representatives of nanoporous metal-organic frameworks. In this work, we investigate adsorption properties of this material both experimentally and theoretically. The experiments were carried out on 8 preparations differing in morphology of the crystals....
journal article 2021