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Willemsen, Maurice (author)
We consider a system of IoT nodes powered completely by energy harvesting.This work focuses on achieving the time correlation of data measurements ina network of energy harvesting sensor nodes. Time correlation is achieved byhopping a message through the whole network. This message wakes up all thenodes and lets them perform a measurement....
master thesis 2020
Rieffe, Dennis (author)
In this study, a analysis was performed to analyze why there are differences in port configuration between IPv4 and IPv6. For this, the current state of adoption and implantation processes of IPv6 were researched. Currently, 4,8% of all dual-stack hosts have a different configuration in open ports on IPv4 and IPv6. To discover the reasoning...
master thesis 2019
Zhou, X. (author)
The Internet is a collection of networks that use the TCP/IP suite of protocols. It has a huge impact on human activity. There are currently hundreds of millions of computers connected to the Internet, generating several petabytes traffic a day. Internet is still growing rapidly. However, the Internet today is not yet precisely characterized....
doctoral thesis 2006