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Knezevic, Karlo (author), Jakobović, Domagoj (author), Picek, S. (author), Ðurasević, Marko (author)
The choice of activation functions can significantly impact the performance of neural networks. Due to an ever-increasing number of new activation functions being proposed in the literature, selecting the appropriate activation function becomes even more difficult. Consequently, many researchers approach this problem from a different angle, in...
journal article 2022
Hagenaars, Jesse (author)
Flying insects are capable of autonomous vision-based navigation in cluttered environments, reliably avoiding objects through fast and agile manoeuvres. Meanwhile, insect-scale micro air vehicles still lag far behind their biological counterparts, displaying inferior performance at a fraction of the energy efficiency. In light of this, it is in...
master thesis 2020
Kranen, Tommy (author)
With all major bodies within the Solar System explored by at least a single fly-by, modern-day missions are becoming increasingly more demanding, up to a point where classical chemical propulsion can no longer supply the required ∆V. Increasingly more is relied upon low-thrust propulsion, characterised by its (very) low thrust force; long...
master thesis 2019