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Bērmans, Boriss (author)
Detecting nearby vehicles involves utilizing data from various sensors installed on a car as it moves. Common sensors for identifying nearby vehicles include LiDAR, cameras, and RADAR. However, all of these sensors suffer from the same issue -- they cannot detect an approaching vehicle that is not yet visible. Hence, this thesis explores the...
master thesis 2024
Schulz, Yannick (author)
Driving is a challenging task. When people operate vehicles they utilize all their senses to assess the current traffic scenario and determine appropriate actions to take. Sensors in autonomous driving applications aim to mimic those human senses to build a similar understanding of these complex circumstances. Most scientific attention in the...
master thesis 2021
van der Heijden, Bas (author)
Three bias estimation frameworks are presented that mitigate position-dependent ranging errors often present in ultra-wideband localization systems. State estimation and control are integrated, such that the positioning accuracy improves over iterations. The frameworks are experimentally evaluated on a quadcopter platform. Two state augmentation...
master thesis 2019