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van der Vooren, J. (author), Huizing, G.H. (author), van Essen, A. (author)
A calculation method, based upon transonic small perturbation theory, is presented for the transonic flow about a semi-wing. The influence of a body can be simulated by prescribing appropriate transverse velocities in a vertical plane through the wing root. Due to the small perturbation assumption the wing should be thin and have little dihedral...
report 1981
Maiwald, K.D. (author)
report 1976
Lindhout, J.P.F. (author), de Boer, E. (author)
A method is presented to compute the 3D compressible turbulent boundary layer on an adiabatic wall under infinite swept wing conditions. The mathematical model of turbulence is based on a generalisation of Bradshaw's 2D shear stress equation. This results in a system of 5 equations valid along 5 distinct characteristics. A brief discussion is...
report 1975