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Mészáros, L. (author), van der Meulen, F.H. (author), Jongbloed, G. (author), El Serafy, G.Y.H. (author)
Spring phytoplankton blooms in the southern North Sea substantially contribute to annual primary production and largely influence food web dynamics. Studying long-term changes in spring bloom dynamics is therefore crucial for understanding future climate responses and predicting implications on the marine ecosystem. This paper aims to study...
journal article 2021
Dai, Yinghao (author)
Precipitation has high spatial and temporal uncertainty, which makes it challenging to predict. We focus specifically on extreme amounts of precipitation. The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) uses a numerical model, approximating the solutions to partial differential equations, to forecast precipitation and other metrics about the...
bachelor thesis 2018
Smalbil, P.J. (author)
In statistics one often encounters the problem of estimating a function based on a given dataset. Sometimes shape properties such as monotonicity of the function are known. This property can be used in a non-parametric regression model. The iterative convex minorant(ICM) algorithm can be used to compute an estimate of a convex regression...
bachelor thesis 2015