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Voss, Jendrik (author), Martin, R.P. (author), Sander, Oliver (author), Kumar, Siddhant (author), Kochmann, Dennis M. (author), Neff, Patrizio (author)
Deciding whether a given function is quasiconvex is generally a difficult task. Here, we discuss a number of numerical approaches that can be used in the search for a counterexample to the quasiconvexity of a given function W. We will demonstrate these methods using the planar isotropic rank-one convex function Wmagic+(F)=λmaxλmin-logλmaxλmin...
journal article 2022
Titarev, V.A. (author), Romenski, E.I. (author), Toro, E.F. (author)
Numerical methods for solving non-linear systems of hyperbolic conservation laws via finite volume methods or discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods require, as the building block, a monotone numerical flux. The simplest approach for providing a monotone numerical utilizes a symmetric stencil and does not explicitly make use of wave...
conference paper 2006