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Dirkzwager, Martin (author)
Offshore wind energy is expanding rapidly as governments aim for net-zero emissions, with monopiles and jackets being the primary foundation methods for offshore wind turbines (OWTs). Supply chains, heavier turbines and deeper waters influence the efficiency of jacket foundations. This research considers a jacket-founded OWT. The development of...
master thesis 2024
Bouwmeester, Boudewijn (author)
The increasing global demand of renewable and clean energy has led to the exponential growth, development, and interest in the offshore wind energy industry and expansion towards earthquake-prone areas. Offshore wind turbine structures, typically supported by a tubular monopile foundation, are increasing in size to meet the increasing human...
master thesis 2022
Ntouras, Fanis (author)
World energy consumption rises every year. Therefore, producing renewable and<br/>sustainable energy is necessary to protect the viability of this planet. The most well-known and promising form of renewable energy is that of wind power. The limited space in terrestrial areas yielded motivation to the growth of offshore wind industry. Offshore...
master thesis 2018