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Thakor, Sawan (author)
To fulfil the increase in global demand of clean energy, the dimensions of offshore wind turbines are expected to increase with greater capacities and move further offshore in deep waters. For these conditions, the diameter of the monopile will have to increase beyond current manufacturing capacities. The slip joint connection can provide a...
master thesis 2019
Vaal, E. (author)
Astrophysical photons with a sub-millimetre wavelength are of great value to research star and galaxy formation. Superconductors have a small energy gap with which these sub-millimetre photons can be measured. Superconductors can absorb photons so that quasiparticles are created, which will in turn change the complex conductivity: incoming...
bachelor thesis 2016
Van Dam, J. (author)
This study investigates four numerical models to approximate the static and dynamic resistance of an unreinforced masonry wall loaded in one-way out-of-plane bending. From validation with experimental data it was found that for the combination of shell and interface elements with discrete cracking the static and dynamic behaviour of unreinforced...
master thesis 2015