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Rezapoor, Pouyan (author), Tamminen, Aleksi (author), Tamminen, Aleksi (author), Ala-Laurinaho, Juha (author), Llombart, Nuria (author), Rodilla, Helena (author), Stake, Jan (author), Taylor, Zachary D. (author)
The optical behavior of a terahertz imaging system employing a train of four identical off-axis parabolic mirrors with oblique incidence angle illumination is investigated in this work. The aperture filling and aberrations of a single off-axis parabolic mirror when illuminated by a Gaussian terahertz beam at its focus point is measured and...
conference paper 2022
Wijnja, Marten (author)
With PLATO the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch its third medium-class mission in its Cosmic Vision program. The PLATO satellite consists of 26 optical refractive telescopes where 24 identical wide field cameras form composed images.<br/><br/>Each individual camera must be tested and characterized before being integrated in the satellite....
master thesis 2021