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Buijs, Roderick (author)
When working offshore on a floating vessel, the vessel will be subjected to wave induced motions and with a moving crane tip, a suspended load can start to swing. When the motions of the load become too large, the operation is interrupted. Alternatives such as jack-ups, function as a fixed platform to which the crane is attached, therefore...
master thesis 2017
Nielsen, D.Y. (author)
The handling of a payload by a crane at sea poses numerous challenges. One of the main technical challenges is the movement of the vessel due to the hydrodynamic forces exerted by the waves. The resulting heave, pitch, and roll of the vessel results in time-varying crane-tip motion. This motion propagates to the payload through the rope and this...
master thesis 2016
Koole, M. (author)
The trend in Offshore Engineering is towards exploring in deeper waters and more harsh environments. As a consequence, topsides become larger and heavier. In order to keep up with the demand for more lifting capacity, Heerema announced a New Semi-submersible Crane Vessel (NSCV). This vessel will contain two 10 000mt Tub Mounted Cranes (TMC),...
master thesis 2015