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Pingle, Anant (author)
Tor is an anonymity network used by a vast number of users in order to protect their privacy on the internet. It should not come as a surprise that this service is also used for abuse such as Denial of service attacks and other malicious activities because of the anonymity it provides. For protecting themselves from this abuse, websites block...
bachelor thesis 2021
Ruigrok, R.J. (author)
The Internet is a large public network of networks and computers. When no countermeasures are taken, all information and activities taking place on the public Internet are subject to traffic analysis, threatening personal freedom and privacy. The first measure to take is securing all transferred information by applying encryption on it, which...
master thesis 2015
Singh Sushant, K. (author), Ghosh, A.K. (author)
Arsenic is a well known carcinogenic element, that can harm not only human health but, plant and bacteria as well. Replicated experiments confirmed that, Arsenic accumulates in the different tissues in different parts of the plant and, adversely affects the growth and productivity of the plants. It is a threat for millions of population in terms...
journal article 2010