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Oliveti, M (author), van der Spek, S.C. (author), Quak, C.W. (author)
With the help of technologies such as GPS tracks, GIS and open data is now possible to study people travel behaviour in a new way. Nowadays, large datasets can be easily handled thanks to databases and better visualized using GIS. Moreover, the availability of GPS data, open data and VGI makes accessible a lot of new information, which was not...
conference paper 2016
Biljecki, F. (author), Ledoux, H. (author), Van Oosterom, P. (author)
The knowledge of the transportation mode used by humans (e. g. bicycle, on foot, car, and train) is critical for travel behaviour research, transport planning and traffic management. Nowadays, new technologies such as the GPS have replaced traditional survey methods (paper diaries, telephone) since they are more accurate and problems such as...
journal article 2013
Biljecki, F. (author), Quak, C.W. (author), Ledoux, H. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author)
conference paper 2010