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Middelburg, L.M. (author), Ghaderi, M. (author), Bossche, A. (author), Bastemeijer, J. (author), de Graaf, G. (author), Wolffenbuttel, R.F. (author), Soltis, Rick (author), Visser, Jaco (author)
A capacitive probe is generally used in a flex-fuel engine for measuring the ethanol content in biofuel. However, the water content in biofuel of high ethanol content cannot be disregarded or considered constant and the full composition measurement of ethanol, gasoline and water in biofuel is required. Electrical impedance spectroscopy with a...
conference paper 2017
Ayerden, N.P. (author), Mandon, Julien (author), Harren, Frans J.M. (author), Wolffenbuttel, R.F. (author)
Increasing demand for field instruments designed to measure gas composition has strongly promoted the development of robust, miniaturized and low-cost handheld absorption spectrometers in the mid-infrared. Efforts thus far have focused on miniaturizing individual components. However, the optical absorption path that the light beam travels...
journal article 2017