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Jansen, L. (author), Korswagen, Paul A. (author), Bricker, J.D. (author), Pasterkamp, S. (author), de Bruijn, K.M. (author), Jonkman, Sebastiaan N. (author)
Failure of residential buildings during floods is an important cause of damage and loss of life. In the case of the Netherlands, the collapse of buildings is implicitly included in current damage and mortality curves since these are generated from historical data. However, the Netherlands has not experienced destructive flooding since 1953, so...
journal article 2020
Das, N. (author)
In 2002, several mooring chains of Girassol Off-loading buoy which was installed offshore Angola ruptured just after 8 months of service. A new failure mechanism called out-of plane bending(OPB) fatigue in mooring chain links was identified in addition to tension induced fatigue after a series of experiments. Currently, there are no models in...
master thesis 2016
Van Dam, J. (author)
This study investigates four numerical models to approximate the static and dynamic resistance of an unreinforced masonry wall loaded in one-way out-of-plane bending. From validation with experimental data it was found that for the combination of shell and interface elements with discrete cracking the static and dynamic behaviour of unreinforced...
master thesis 2015