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Ferranti, L. (author), Lyons, L. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Keviczky, T. (author), Alonso-Mora, J. (author)
This work presents a method for multi-robot coordination based on a novel distributed nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) formulation for trajectory optimization and its modified version to mitigate the effects of packet losses and delays in the communication among the robots. Our algorithms consider that each robot is equipped with an...
journal article 2023
Xu, Boliang (author)
Packet communication applications cannot guarantee correct delivery of every packet. Congestions and interferences in the network lead to lost packets. However, real-time applications require timely delivery of data or information and always tolerate packet loss to achieve this aim. When some speech packets are lost, packet loss concealment (PLC...
master thesis 2017
Gourov, V.N. (author)
Network monitoring is becoming more and more important as more Internet Service Providers and Enterprise networks deploy real-time services, like voice and video. Network operators need to have an up-to-date view of the network and to measure network performance with metrics like link usage, packet loss and delay, in order to assure the quality...
master thesis 2013