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Hounjet, M.H.L. (author)
A new method ARNSPNS is described for the calculation of steady and time-linearized unsteady incompressible potential flow about arbitrary lifting and nonlifting bodies in an arbitrary mean steady flow field, including rotation. The method belongs to the category of the so-called panel methods. Applications have been made to wind turbines...
report 1985
Slooff, J.W. (author)
An overview is provided of computational methods that can be used in solving the design problem of aerodynamics; i.e. the problem of finding the detailed shape of (parts of) configurations of which the gross geometric characteristics have already been determined in a preliminary, overall design process, and that, subject to certain constraints,...
report 1984
van den Dam, R.F. (author)
An interactive computer program system has been developed which provides induced-drag analysis, optimization and configuration-design capabilities. The program system employs subsonic far-field (Trefftzplane) analysis, and novel mathematical formulations of the constrained optimization problems which are based on calculus of variations. The...
report 1982