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de Jong, J. J. (author), Müller, A. (author), Herder, J.L. (author)
Dynamic balance eliminates the fluctuating reaction forces and moments induced by high-speed robots that would otherwise cause undesired base vibrations, noise and accuracy loss. Many balancing procedures, such as the addition of counter-rotating inertia wheels, increase the complexity and motor torques. There exist, however, a small set of...
journal article 2021
Hoevenaars, A.G.L. (author)
Robots that are developed for applications which require a high stiffness-over-inertia ratio, such as pick-and-place robots, machining robots, or haptic devices, are often based on parallel manipulators. Parallel manipulators connect an end-effector to an inertial base using multiple serial kinematic chains. This architecture enables the design...
doctoral thesis 2016