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Hagen, W.R. (author)
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy is a long-standing method for the exploration of electronic structures of transition ion complexes. The difficulty of its analysis varies considerably, not only with the nature of the spin system, but more so with the relative magnitudes of the magnetic interactions to which the spin is subject, where...
journal article 2023
van der Tak, Nicolette (author)
Conceptual hydrological model parameters represent characteristics of a catchment. They are an integration of spatial heterogeneous parts of the system. Finding adequate parameter values based on field observations, which represents the heterogeneity of a catchment on the spatial resolution and scale of the model, is considered challenging since...
master thesis 2018
Shafiei, M. (author), Gharari, S. (author), Pande, S. (author), Bhulai, S. (author)
Posterior sampling methods are increasingly being used to describe parameter and model predictive uncertainty in hydrologic modelling. This paper proposes an alternative to random walk chains (such as DREAM-zs). We propose a sampler based on independence chains with an embedded feature of standardized importance weights based on Kernel density...
conference paper 2014