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Brus, Daniël (author)
In many fields we are interested in inference for a complex stochastic process given limited observations regarding its state over time. This thesis therefore introduces an expectation propagation approach to backward filtering forward guiding for high-dimensional finite-state space models. The backward filtering forward guiding method is first...
master thesis 2023
Guljelmović, Nikol (author)
Task-parameterized movement representation, as an approach for the generalization of demonstrations, is used to represent data from multiple local perspectives within the global reference frame, through which more accurate information about multiple aspects of the movement is given. The estimated transformation between the different perspectives...
master thesis 2017
Wambeke, T. (author), Benndorf, J. (author)
Characterization of spatial variability in earth science commonly requires random fields which are stationary within delineated domains. This contribution presents an alternative approach for simulating attributes in combination with a non-stationary first-order moment. A new procedure is presented to unambiguously decompose the observed...
journal article 2016