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Jahangir, S. (author)
Cavitation is a well-known phenomenon, occurring in a wide range of applications. In most applications, cavitation is undesirable, such as turbines, pumps, ship propellers and diesel injector nozzles. Cavitation can cause material erosion, flow blockage, noise and degradation of equipment over time. The ability to predict the behavior of this...
doctoral thesis 2020
Jahangir, S. (author), Hogendoorn, W.J. (author), Poelma, C. (author)
Partial cavitation dynamics in an axisymmetric converging-diverging nozzle are investigated experimentally. Shadowgraphy is used to visualize and analyze different cavitation regimes. These regimes are generated by changing the global static pressure and flow velocity independently. Cloud cavitation is the most interesting and complex regime,...
journal article 2018