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Setayeshgar, A. (author), Lipsett, M.G. (author), Koch, C.R. (author), Nobes, D.S. (author)
A variety of forces can be used to separate fine particles from water in industrial processes. A coherent standing acoustic field can apply a pressure difference across a small particle such that the particle is forced to nodes or anti-nodes in the field depending of particle/liquid properties. The motion of an individual particle is the result...
conference paper 2013
Shen, C. (author)
In this thesis we described a new approach to design, fabricate, package and test three silicon based porous vertical structures for nanoparticle separations. These vertical structures stand in between two microfluidic channels. In these walls nano channels that connect the two adjacent microchannels are embedded. Fluid and small particles can...
doctoral thesis 2011