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van Tetering, Daphne (author), Klip, Roy (author), van Ruyven, Noor (author)
Ivido is a start-up company that aims at improving the communication and efficiency in health care. To do so, Ivido has developed a platform where health care professionals can create health courses for their patients, to stimulate them to become more involved in their own health care program. Because of lack of means to communicate, the client...
bachelor thesis 2017
Leuschner, K. (author)
Noise reduction in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is an important goal as it impacts the health and comfort of the critically ill patients as well as the health and concentration of staff. Research shows that a considerable amount of noise produced in the ICU can be influenced by ICU staff. However, until now there are no interventions that...
master thesis 2013