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Garcia Sanchez, C. (author), Vitalis, S. (author), Pađen, I. (author), Stoter, J.E. (author)
Climate change and urbanization rates are transforming urban environments, making the use of 3D city models in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) a fundamental ingredient to evaluate urban layouts before construction. However, current geometries used in CFD simulations tend to be built by CFD experts to test specific cases, most of the times...
journal article 2021
Opsomer, Aviva (author)
Rising temperatures due to climate change and the increased Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect both have a major impact on Singapore’s outdoor comfort. Research has reported an average UHI in Singapore of 4°C, which can even exceed 7°C at some times of the day. (Acero & Ruefenacht, 2017) Increasing convective surface heat transfer from the human...
master thesis 2020