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Bensalma, A. (author), Musy, M. (author), Simonnot, N. (author)
This paper introduces results of three case-studies of large-scale housing estates situated in Nantes (France): Dervallières (1952/1965), Breil Malville (1955/1967) and Malakoff (1967/1971). The main objective of this “grands ensembles” study is to produce knowledge about their architectural and urban atmosphere characteristic. The atmosphere...
conference paper 2011
Cruz, P.J.S. (author), Veer, F.A. (author), Carvalho, P.L.L. (author)
The application of glass in contemporary architecture explores perceptual phenomenon that intentionally change the way we experience space. SANAA'S recent work uses glass in a radical way, proposing a renewed approach to transparency. The Toledo Glass Pavilion, with most spaces defined by glass walls, presents an intense visual experience. The...
conference paper 2010
Choy, H.Y. (author)
With the introduction of LED lighting, nowadays designers and architects have more flexibility to evoke emotions and create certain atmospheres in a space by means of artificial lighting. The perceived atmosphere in a space is an experience of the surroundings in relation to ourselves; it is an affective evaluation of the environment (Scholten...
master thesis 2009