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Branderhorst, Stephan (author)
Electric mobility is considered as the next step towards sustainable mobility. Within the Netherlands, as one of the leading countries if it comes to electric mobility, the market share of battery electric vehicles is still limited to 0,2 percent. Many studies are executed on consumer behaviour regarding electric vehicles. But no studies are...
master thesis 2018
Meeuwisse, K.V.M. (author)
Companies implement technical security measures to let their employees behave in a secure manner. Employees however, can circumvent these measures. To solve this circumventing problem companies should know better what the preferences of their employees are. Employees’ preferences with regards to technical security measures are based on the...
master thesis 2016
Breen, J.L.H. (author)
If we wish to reach a deeper, more objective understanding of the phenomena of Architectural and Environmental Design, we need to develop and apply working methods that allow us to imaginatively analyse and consequently envision the formal issues which are at (inter)play: demonstrating their workings and effects in the ‘Real World’. First of all...
conference paper 2013