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Ten Holt, G.A. (author)
Automatic sign language recognition is a relatively new field of research (since ca. 1990). Its objectives are to automatically analyze sign language utterances. There are several issues within the research area that merit investigation: how to capture the utterances (cameras, magnetic sensors, instrumented gloves), how to extract interesting...
doctoral thesis 2010
Ten Holt, G.A. (author), Arendsen, J. (author), De Ridder, H. (author), Van Doorn, A.J. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Hendriks, E.A. (author)
Current automatic sign language recognition (ASLR) seldom uses perceptual knowledge about the recognition of sign language. Using such knowledge can improve ASLR because it can give an indication which elements or phases of a sign are important for its meaning. Also, the current generation of data-driven ASLR methods has shortcomings which may...
conference paper 2009