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Stelling, A. (author), Vlakveld, W. P. (author), van Gent, P. (author), Commandeur, J. J.F. (author), van Wee, G.P. (author), Hagenzieker, M.P. (author)
Listening to music while cycling impairs cyclists’ auditory perception and may decrease their awareness of approaching vehicles. If the impaired auditory perception is not compensated by the cyclist himself or other road users involved, crashes may occur. The first aim of this study was to investigate in real traffic whether teenage cyclists ...
journal article 2018
Stelling, A. (author), van Wee, G.P. (author), Commandeur, JJF (author), Hagenzieker, M.P. (author)
Listening to music or talking on the phone while cycling as well as the growing number of quiet (electric) cars on the road can make the use of auditory cues challenging for cyclists. The present study examined to what extent and in which traffic situations traffic sounds are important for safe cycling. Furthermore, the study investigated the...
journal article 2017
Stelling, A. (author), Hagenzieker, M.P. (author), Commandeur, Jacques J F (author), Agterberg, Martijn J H (author), van Wee, G.P. (author)
When driven at low speeds, cars operating in electric mode have been found to be quieter than conventional cars. As a result, the auditory cues which pedestrians and cyclists use to assess the presence, proximity and location oncoming traffic may be reduced, posing a safety hazard. This laboratory study examined auditory localisation of...
journal article 2016