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Wijntjes, M.W.A. (author), Xiao, Bei (author), Volcic, Robert (author)
Although product photos and movies are abundantly present in online shopping environments, little is known about how much of the real product experience they capture. While previous studies have shown that movies or interactive imagery give users the impression that these communication forms are more effective, there are no studies addressing...
journal article 2019
Volcic, R. (author), Wijntjes, M.W.A. (author), Kool, E.C. (author), Kappers, A.M.L. (author)
The simple experience of a coherent percept while looking and touching an object conceals an intriguing issue: different senses encode and compare information in different modality-specific reference frames. We addressed this problem in a cross-modal visuo-haptic mental rotation task. Two objects in various orientations were presented at the...
journal article 2010
Wijntjes, M.W.A. (author), Volcic, R. (author), Pont, S.C. (author), Koenderink, J.J. (author), Kappers, M.L. (author)
We studied the influence of haptics on visual perception of three-dimensional shape. Observers were shown pictures of an oblate spheroid in two different orientations. A gauge-figure task was used to measure their perception of the global shape. In the first two sessions only vision was used. The results showed that observers made large errors...
journal article 2009