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Onencan, A.M. (author), Enserink, B. (author), van de Walle, B.A. (author)
Nzoia river basin county governments barely cooperate in water resources management to jointly increase the basin's food and energy productivity levels, due to limited trust. In this paper, we propose a game-based approach that can be replicated in any river basin, to assess trust and collaboration processes. In particular, we used the pre...
journal article 2018
Jansen, S.J.T. (author), Hoekstra, J.S.C.M. (author), Boumeester, H.J.F.M. (author)
The extraction of natural gas in the north of The Netherlands has led to soil subsidence and the occurrence of earthquakes. Residents worry about the safety of their families and the saleability of their dwelling and might want to move. The goal is to examine whether the earthquakes are related to the intention to move. A survey among...
journal article 2017