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Hansmann-Roth, S. (author), Pont, S.C. (author), Mamassian, Pascal (author)
The material property of glossiness, which is attributed to many objects in our daily life, is physically independent of the objects' color. However, perceived glossiness can change with the contrast between the highlight and the area around the specular highlight. Hitherto, experiments mainly investigated gloss on unicolored surfaces. It is...
journal article 2017
Zhang, F. (author), de Ridder, H. (author), Fleming, Ronald W. (author), Pont, S.C. (author)
MatMix 1.0 is a novel material probe we developed for quantitatively measuring visual perception of materials. We implemented optical mixing of four canonical scattering modes, represented by photographs, as the basis of the probe. In order to account for a wide range of materials, velvety and glittery (asperity and mesofacet scattering) were...
journal article 2016