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Bittermann, M.S. (author), Ciftcioglu, O. (author)
Studies on computer-based visual perception and aesthetical judgment for architectural design are presented. In the model, both color and the geometric aspects of human vision are jointly taken into account, quantifying the perception of an individual object, as well as a scene consisting of several objects. This is accomplished by fuzzy neural...
conference paper 2016
Ciftcioglu, O. (author), Bittermann, M.S. (author)
A method for fusion of perceptions is presented. It is based on probabilistic treatment of perception, where perception quantifies the chance an unbiased observer sees an environmental object, and the associated probability can be interpreted as degree of awareness for the object. The approach uniquely accounts for the fact that final...
conference paper 2013
Wastiels, L. (author), Schifferstein, H.N.J. (author), Wouters, I. (author), Heylighen, A. (author)
Designers’ visual way of knowing and working tends to be highly valued in design research. In architecture such an approach is increasingly criticized. Since people experience buildings with all their senses, architects’ visual focus is said to the run the risk of disregarding non-visual aspects. This study focuses on the visual and tactile...
journal article 2013