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Van Doorn, A.J. (author), Wagemans, J. (author), De Ridder, H. (author), Koenderink, J.J. (author)
A "picture" is a at object covered with pigments in a certain pattern. Human observers, when looking "into" a picture (photograph, painting, drawing, . . . say) often report to experience a three dimensional "pictorial space." This space is a mental entity, apparently triggered by so called pictorial cues. The latter are sub-structures of color...
conference paper 2011
Van Doorn, A.J. (author), De Ridder, H. (author), Koenderink, J.J. (author)
Pictorial relief depends strongly on “cues” in the image. For isoluminant renderings some cues are missing, namely all information that is related to luminance contrast (e.g., shading, atmospheric perspective). It has been suggested that spatial discrimination and especially pictorial space suffer badly in isoluminant conditions. We have...
conference paper 2005