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Baldew, Menouschka (author)
On a general level, the Dutch government wants to have a fully circular economy by 2050 by reducing the use of primary materials and carbon dioxide emissions. As the consideration and integration of concepts such as sustainability and circular economy are becoming increasingly popular in the civil engineering sector, it might be time to re...
master thesis 2023
Osseweijer, Michael (author)
When it comes down to building or maintaining civil infrastructure commissioned by a governmental body, a lot has changed during the last couple of years. The government made a turn from all determining body, to a cooperative partner and later even to an organization that’s outsourcing most of the construction and maintenance work to second and...
master thesis 2020
Schaeken, Janneke (author)
The pioneers in the early 21th century who built the first big offshore wind farms now have to compete with the quickly improving renewable energy technologies and see their farm being out-dated (See also: Dvorak, 2013 & Wind Energy Update, 2013). At present, wind farm owners face difficult decisions when finding the right O&M contract...
master thesis 2018