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Jakubczak, Patryk (author), Nardi, D. (author), Bienas, Jaroslaw (author), Sinke, J. (author)
The manufacturing of Fibre Metal Laminates, consisting of alternating layers of pre-preg fibre and metal is complex, and defects can be introduced during manufacturing. The automation of the manufacturing steps is vital for future Glare production, and specific defects have to be considered. Among them, gaps between pre-preg plies represent a...
journal article 2019
Fortunato, J. (author), Anand, C. (author), Braga, Daniel F.O. (author), Groves, R.M. (author), Moreira, P. M.G.P. (author), Infante, V (author)
Weight reduction is an important driver of the aerospace industry, which encourages the development of lightweight joining techniques to substitute rivet joints. Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state process that enables the production of lighter joints with a small performance reduction compared to the base material properties....
journal article 2017