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Klyde, D.H. (author)
From the Wright Flyer to fly-by-wire, the phenomenon of pilot-induced oscillations (PIO) has persisted, evolving with the complexity of the airframes and their associated flight control systems. Though airframe designers have long recognized the threat posed by PIO, each generation has been forced to address the issue whether identified in...
doctoral thesis 2022
Yilmaz, D. (author)
Flight safety has been a fundamental aspect of aircraft, and the future demand for wider usage of aerial operations leads to more focus on the flight safety. Particularly rotorcraft require high standards of flight safety due to their inherent features, such as complicated rotary mechanisms, close-to-ground operations, and complex aerodynamic...
doctoral thesis 2018
Pavel, M.D. (author), Götz, J. (author), Vu, B. (author), Jump, M. (author)
conference paper 2008