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Chen, Y. (author)
Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is a well-established nuclear imaging modality for studying functional and pathological properties of the brain. Conventional general purpose SPECT systems typically offer a spatial resolution of about 10 mm with a sensitivity of 0.01-0.02%. A few dedicated brain SPECT scanners have been...
doctoral thesis 2021
Wang, B. (author)
Breast cancer, being the most common cancer among females, is nowadays routinely diagnosed using X-ray mammography. Though this technique has proven its effectiveness in many cases, X-ray mammography has some disadvantages like reduced diagnostic sensitivity for dense breasts, need for strong breast compression and inability to assess tissues at...
doctoral thesis 2020
Wang, B. (author), van Roosmalen, J. (author), Kreuger, R. (author), Huizenga, J. (author), Beekman, F.J. (author), Goorden, M.C. (author)
In recent years, breast imaging using radiolabelled molecules has attracted significant interest. Our group has proposed a multi-pinhole molecular breast tomosynthesis (MP-MBT) scanner to obtain 3D functional molecular breast images at high resolutions. After conducting extensive optimisation studies using simulations, we here present a first...
journal article 2020