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Van den Heuvel, H.P.A. (author)
Pipeline covers on the seabed are called near-bed structures which are generally made of rip rap. The crest height of a near-bed structure is such that waves do not break over it. Near-bed structures are used to protect pipelines against fishing equipment, ship anchors, dropped objects and preventing destabilizing of the pipeline. There are two...
master thesis 2013
Reinders, M. (author)
In this study the effect of a roughness discontinuity caused by a pipeline cover layer in the sea bed is investigated. As a result of this non-uniform flow configuration, the environmental forces acting on the pipeline cover layer change. To investigate the effect of roughness discontinuities, a numerical model of the flow is made; thereby...
master thesis 2001
Regout, W.D. (author)
Voor allerlei activiteiten op en bij zee is het gewenst om pijpleidingen of kabels onder water te leggen. Teneinde op de bodem te grote overspanningen (free span) te voorkomen is het gelijkmatig ondersteunen en het van boven afdekken van de leiding een veel voorkomende eis. De gelijkmatige ondersteuning kan worden bereikt door de leiding op een...
master thesis 1996