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Kruis, M.C. (author)
For centuries dikes in the Netherlands have been protected against wave attack by revetments constructed of pitched blocks. Due to new insights into the behaviour of pitched blocks and increased hydraulic boundary conditions, a significant part of those dikes does not meet the current prescribed standards and safety norms anymore. As a result,...
master thesis 2014
Pilarczyk, K.W. (author)
The use of revetments, such as riprap, blocks and block mats, various mattresses, and asphalt in civil engineering practice is very common. The granular filters, and more recently the geotextiles, are more or less standard components of the revetment structure (PIANC, 1987,1992). Within the scope of the research on the stability of open slope...
report 2003
Hussaarts, M. (author)
In dit rapport is getracht op een inzichtelijke en realistische manier de economisch optimale elementdikte van een steenzetting te bepalen. Dit is gebeurd op probabilistische wijze, aan de hand van het bezwijkmechanisme "Instabiliteit van de elementen in de toplaag" Dit bezwijkmechanisme houdt in dat onder bepaalde condities elementen in de...
master thesis 1999