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Boots, Jelle (author)
Ferrofluid bearings provide a cheap and passive alternative to contactless bearings such as magnetic bearings and fluid bearings. The absence of stick-slip and the low viscous friction make them interesting for high precision applications. Despite the theoretical models available in literature, the number of design rules for ferrofluid bearings...
master thesis 2018
Lampaert, S.G.E. (author), Spronck, J.W. (author), van Ostayen, R.A.J. (author)
A ferrofluid pocket bearings is a type of hydrostatic bearing that uses a ferrofluid seal to encapsulate a pocket of air to carry a load. Their properties, combining a high stiffness with low (viscous) friction and absence of stick-slip, make them interesting for applications that require fast and high precision positioning. Knowledge on the...
journal article 2018
Lampaert, S.G.E. (author)
A ferrofluid is a fluid with paramagnetic properties while having a colloidal stability. This can be used to obtain a hydrostatic type of bearing that distinguishes itself from other bearings by its compactness, inherent stability, low (viscous) friction, absence of pumps and absence of stick-slip. These properties, together with its low price,...
master thesis 2015