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van Hengel, I.A.J. (author), Riool, Martijn (author), Fratila-Apachitei, E.L. (author), Witte-Bouma, Janneke (author), Farrell, Eric (author), Zadpoor, A.A. (author), Zaat, Sebastian A.J. (author), Apachitei, I. (author)
Additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V implants were biofunctionalized using plasma electrolytic oxidation. At various time points during this process scanning electron microscopy imaging was performed to analyze the surface morphology (van Hengel et al., 2017) [1]. This data shows the changes in surface morphology during plasma electrolytic...
journal article 2017
Huan, Z. (author), Fratila-Apachitei, L.E. (author), Apachitei, I. (author), Duszczyk, J. (author)
In this study, a porous oxide layer was formed on the surface of 316L stainless steel (SS) by combining Ti magnetron sputtering and plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) with the aim to produce a polymer-free drug carrier for drug eluting stent (DES) applications. The oxidation was performed galvanostatically in Na3PO4 electrolyte. The surface...
journal article 2012