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Delikonstantis, Evangelos (author), Sturm, G.S.J. (author), Stankiewicz, A.I. (author), Bosmans, Anouk (author), Scapinello, Marco (author), Dreiser, Christian (author), Lade, Oliver (author), Brand, Stefan (author), Stefanidis, G. (author)
In this work, we report on air/N<sub>2</sub> gasification of a byproduct stream from an industrial fermenter in a tubular microwave plasma reactor to investigate the feasibility of the technology for organic compounds valorization, given the limited number of relevant works in the literature. In this context, an operating window regarding air...
journal article 2019
Fernandez de la Fuente, J. (author), Moreno Wandurraga, S.H. (author), Stankiewicz, A.I. (author), Stefanidis, G. (author)
A novel surface-wave microwave discharge reactor configuration to generate syngas via gaseous CO2 reduction with H2 (non-catalytic Reverse Water-Gas Shift reaction) is studied in the context of power-to-chemicals concept. Improvement of CO2 conversion to maximize CO production is explored by adding an external cylindrical waveguide downstream of...
journal article 2017
Sturm, G.S.J. (author), Navarrete Muñoz, A. (author), Purushothaman Vellayani, A. (author), Stefanidis, G. (author)
Gasification technology may combine waste treatment with energy generation. Conventional gasification processes are bulky and inflexible. By using an external energy source, in the form of microwave-generated plasma, equipment size may be reduced and flexibility as regards to the feed composition may be increased. This type of gasification...
journal article 2016