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Klaver, T.P.C. (author), Nordlund, K. (author), Morgan, T. W. (author), Westerhof, E. (author), Thijsse, B.J. (author), Van De Sanden, M. C M (author)
Results are presented of large-scale Molecular Dynamics simulations of low-energy He bombardment of W nanorods, or so-called 'fuzz' structures. The goal of these simulations is to see if ballistic He penetration through W fuzz offers a more realistic scenario for how He moves through fuzz layers than He diffusion through fuzz nanorods....
journal article 2016
Bongers, WA. (author), Van Beveren, V. (author), Thoen, D.J. (author), Nuij, P.J.W.M. (author), De Baar, M.R. (author), Donné, A.J.H. (author), Westerhof, E. (author), Goede, A.P.H. (author), Krijger, B. (author), Van den Berg, M.A. (author), Kantor, M. (author), Graswinckel, M.F. (author), Hennen, B.A. (author), Schüller, F.C. (author)
An intermediate frequency (IF) band digitizing radiometer system in the 100–200 GHz frequency range has been developed for Tokamak diagnostics and control, and other fields of research which require a high flexibility in frequency resolution combined with a large bandwidth and the retrieval of the full wave information of the mm-wave signals...
journal article 2011