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Lonsain, J. (author)
Aeroelastic analyses traditionally consider the airfoil of a wing to remain rigid, only allowing deformation in the span-wise direction of the wing. Recent investigations have shown the benefits of adding chord-wise flexibility in the trailing edge of a wing, however so far only two-dimensional studies have been carried out. Therefore, the...
master thesis 2017
Damen, T.W.J. (author)
Offshore wind power provides an alternative to fossil fuels while negating the effect of visual and auditive distortion of onshore wind turbines. Located several kilometres offshore, the transmission cable resistance becomes substantial. To limit the losses, the voltage in the cables is increased in a substation. As this structure is often the...
master thesis 2016
Tan, S. (author)
Approximately 400 kilometres of Dutch sea dikes are protected by bituminous concrete revetments to prevent damage from erosion and repeated wave attacks during storms. The numerical analysis of sea dikes subjected to cyclic wave loading needs to consider the behaviour of the bituminous concrete revetment, and the behaviour of the subsoil...
doctoral thesis 2016