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Gómez-Maureira, Marcello A. (author), Kniestedt, I. (author), Van Duijn, Max (author), Rieffe, Carolien (author), Plaat, Aske (author)
Video games frequently feature 'open world' environments, designed to motivate exploration. Level design patterns are implemented to invoke curiosity and to guide player behavior. However, evidence of the efficacy of such patterns has remained theoretical. This study presents an empirical study of how level design patterns impact curiosity...
journal article 2021
Swaab, Daniël (author)
The gaming industry is growing larger every year. Video games are useful for many applications but are also a reason for worry. Games are starting to affect the lives of people negatively. Nowadays, this is defined as Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD). We relate the players' motivations to game addiction through a survey and test our findings by...
master thesis 2020
Gómez Maureira, Marcello A. (author), Kniestedt, I. (author), Van Duijn, Max J. (author), Rieffe, Carolien (author), Plaat, Aske (author)
Curiosity is a strong motivator for human action, but the circumstances under which one becomes curious are not clear. This paper builds on the assumption that video games can be used as a stimulus for the experimental study of curiosity, and forms a basis in examining the type of curiosity motivated by spatial exploration. A video game was...
conference paper 2019