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Steinlechner, Harald (author), Rainer, Bernhard (author), Schwarzler, M. (author), Haaser, Georg (author), Szabo, Attila (author), Maierhofer, Stefan (author), Wimmer, Michael (author)
In this work, we propose an interaction-driven approach streamlined to support and improve a wide range of real-time 2D interaction metaphors for arbitrarily large pointclouds based on detected primitive shapes. Rather than performing shape detection as a costly pre-processing step on the entire point cloud at once, a user-controlled...
conference paper 2019
Khoshelham, K. (author), Gorte, B.G. (author)
This paper presents a method for automated pointcloud-to-map registration using a plane matching technique. The registration is based on estimating a transformation between a set of planes inferred from the map and their corresponding planes extracted from the pointcloud. A plane matching algorithm is developed to search for corresponding planes...
conference paper 2009