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Jansen, Jack (author), Subramanyam, Shishir (author), Bouqueau, Romain (author), Cernigliaro, Gianluca (author), Cabré, Marc Martos (author), Pérez, Fernando (author), Cesar, Pablo (author)
The advent of affordable 3D capture and display hardware is making volumetric videoconferencing feasible. This technology increases the immersion of the participants, breaking the flat restriction of 2D screens, by allowing them to collaborate and interact in shared virtual reality spaces. In this paper we introduce the design and development...
conference paper 2020
Steinlechner, Harald (author), Rainer, Bernhard (author), Schwarzler, M. (author), Haaser, Georg (author), Szabo, Attila (author), Maierhofer, Stefan (author), Wimmer, Michael (author)
In this work, we propose an interaction-driven approach streamlined to support and improve a wide range of real-time 2D interaction metaphors for arbitrarily large pointclouds based on detected primitive shapes. Rather than performing shape detection as a costly pre-processing step on the entire point cloud at once, a user-controlled...
conference paper 2019
Khoshelham, K. (author), Gorte, B.G. (author)
This paper presents a method for automated pointcloud-to-map registration using a plane matching technique. The registration is based on estimating a transformation between a set of planes inferred from the map and their corresponding planes extracted from the pointcloud. A plane matching algorithm is developed to search for corresponding planes...
conference paper 2009