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Bajaj, V. (author), Van de Plas, Raf (author), Wahls, S. (author)
While probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) enables rate and reach adaption with finer granularity [1] (Cho and Winzer, 2009), it imposes signal processing challenges at the receiver. Since the distribution of PCS-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) signals tends to be Gaussian, conventional blind polarization demultiplexing algorithms...
journal article 2024
Bajaj, V. (author), Van de Plas, Raf (author), Aref, Vahid (author), Wahls, S. (author)
We propose a novel method for blind polarization-demultiplexing of probabilistically shaped signals for coherent receivers. The method is capable of separating signals with (quasi) Gaussian distributions by exploiting temporal correlations added to the transmit signals. The proposed method is evaluated in challenging mixing scenarios.
conference paper 2022