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van der Bok, Kees (author)
The increasing transistor density of Integrated Circuits (ICs) ever since their introduction, has scaled the computational performance of microprocessors. As a consequence of the gain in transistor density, the power dissipation density has also increased to a degree that has become a limiting factor in further performance scaling. The prevalent...
master thesis 2018
McGirr, C.A. (author)
In this thesis, we present Cprof+, an upgraded version of Cprof. Cprof+ is a lightweight profiling tool for Polyhedral Process Networks (PPN) that can estimate the performance of a C-program as a PPN implemented in hardware. Cprof+ improves the set of possible programs that can be successfully profiled, by increasing the performance estimation...
master thesis 2016
Van Teijlingen, W. (author)
Designers are confronted with high time-to-market pressure and an increasing demand for computational power. As a result, they are required to identify as early as possible the quality of a specification for an intended technology. The designer needs to know if this specification can be improved, and at what cost. Specification trade-offs are...
master thesis 2014