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Jiao, Yutie (author), Li, Zongkun (author), Ge, Wei (author), Jing, Laihong (author), Wu, Meimei (author), Wang, Te (author), Sun, Heqiang (author), Wang, Jianyou (author), Zhang, Xiangyang (author), van Gelder, P.H.A.J.M. (author)
In recent years, dam failures have occurred frequently because of extreme weather, posing a significant threat to downstream residents. The establishment of emergency shelters is crucial for reducing casualties. The selection of suitable shelters depends on key information such as the number and distribution of affected people, and the...
journal article 2024
Manolopoulos, Ioannis (author)
This thesis’ research concerns the time-dynamics of a complex geographical network of municipalities, i.e. the Dutch Municipality Network over the period 1830-2019. By analysing 190 years of socioeconomic statistical data and applying contemporary tooling from network science and geographic information systems (GIS), the findings from this...
master thesis 2022